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What are X-ray examinations?

An X-ray examination is a procedure which uses X-rays for diagnostic purposes. The devices used in the X-ray office are regulated in such a way that during the examination you are exposed to the effects of radiation for a short period of time and its damaging effects are minimal.

Preparation for the examination

  • Take the referral letter with you - the examination is not carried out without a referral letter.

  • It is recommended to dress comfortably and carry as few accessories as possible.

  • Please reserve time for the Department of Radiology - all examination do not take the same amount of time and sometimes it is necessary to take a number of images.

  • Do not enter the X-ray room without being called.


What will happen during the course of the examination?

  • For the imaging time you will be asked to undress and to remove metal objects (chains, rings, clamps) and glasses.

  • You will be asked to take the necessary position for the image. If necessary, you may be asked not to breathe during imaging (e.g. chest X-ray), so that the corresponding body region does not move and the image will be of better quality.

  • The results of the examination will be saved and archived into an electronic X-ray database. Printed-out X-rays are not issued to patient or treating doctor as a rule.



Based on radiation risk to the health of pregnant women and their future children the treating doctor and radiographer must always be informed of a possible pregnancy. As a rule, X-ray imaging is not permitted for pregnant women (especially in the first half of the pregnancy), except in life-threatening situations. Gametes and growing organisms (children) are most sensitive the influences of ionising radiation, so the rationale for imaging is important.

Results of the examination

The results will be transmitted in electronic form or on paper to your treating doctor. If you can't come to the examination at the agreed time, then please inform the Department of Radiology by phone on 447 3561


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