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Sissekasvanud varbaküüs (ENG)


  • Footwear that is too tight or small

  • Small socks

  • Incorrectly cut toenails

  • Wearing footwear which is not suitable for the season

Ingrown toenail is characterized by redness, swelling and pain and it causes inflammation of the nail fold. Eventually a keloid scar of skin will emerge.


Under local anaesthesia the toenail is either partially or completely removed. The procedure is carried out in out-patient unit. Afterwards, the bandage is placed on the toe.

How to proceed after the partial removal of the nail

When you go home, then it is necessary to replace the bandage the day after the procedure .You must soak your foot prior to rebandaging. It is recommended to soak the foot with the original bandages on, in order to make the first rebandaging painless and to avoid bleeding.

We recommend to use bath water at body temperature (37,0 C). Add chamomile or potassium permanganate solution. Dry the foot gently and place a clean, dry bandage on the toe. If the nail wall is inflammed then we suggest to use camphor oil (not ointment). Foot baths must be done daily until the cut surface is dry. That will take about a week.

With questions and problems contact your general practitioner.


  • Cut your toenails in a straight cut. Do not cut off the corners.

  • Wear natural leather shoes. Sneakers are for sporting.

  • Wear cotton socks.

  • Make a proper pedicure and if needed, use professional help.

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