Services and procedures

To register for the services and procedures of the Rehabilitation and Welfare Center, please call 449 4800 or write to

According to the specifics of the procedures and in order to better serve you, breaks are planned between different services. The procedures are performed by physiotherapists, masseurs and physiotherapist assistants according to the activity.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the service.

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Please choose the most suitable way to cancel the time of the service or procedure:

During working hours (Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00; L 08.30-14.00) by phone 4494 800 or e-mail address: heaolukeskus [at]
During business hours, call 4494 800, leave a message on the answering machine, saying your first and last name and the service to be canceled.
In case of non-notification, we will consider your participation in the service and we are obliged to cancel all rehabilitation services booked by you.

Detailed description of services and procedures (in alphabetical order):
Dynamic tape:
Dynamic tape (including biomechanical tape) is more durable, stretches more than 200% and in all four directions, allowing full joint mobility, even if the tape is applied over several joints. Dynamic tape provides strong mechanical support, while there is no rigid end point unlike kinesio tape. Dynamic tape is soft and adapts well to movements.

Physiotherapy (Duration - 30-45 minutes depending on the patient's condition)
During physiotherapy, the patient's musculoskeletal and other organ systems are restored by physical exercise, soft tissue therapy, and physical therapy (such as cold and heat therapy, etc.). The goal of physiotherapy is to reduce the patient's ailments, improve or maintain coping in the daily living and working environment. Physiotherapy is only effective if the patient is actively involved in the treatment process and is motivated to achieve a positive result.

Physiotherapy group (pool) (duration 30 min)
Due to the properties of the aquatic environment, the patient's body weight in the pool is lower, which makes it easier to perform movements and reduces pain and muscle tension. Water pressure helps train the respiratory system, muscles, balance and reduces lymphatic edema. In the pool, the blood supply to the kidneys improves and the formation of urine increases. Physiotherapy can be performed in the pool individually and as a group therapy, there are up to 10 members in a group. After a workout, you can relax in the pool for 10 minutes. Separate groups are formed for adults and children.

Physiotherapy group (hall) (Duration: 30 minutes)
In the case of group therapy, patients who do not require individual physiotherapy are grouped according to their impaired functions into groups of up to 12 members. There are separate groups for adults and children.

Foot and hand whirlpool (Duration up to 20 minutes)
The muscles of the legs and arms relax in the aquatic environment, water pressure promotes lymphatic drainage, water vortices have a slight massaging effect. The massaging effect promotes the removal of waste products from the tissues, the blood vessels dilate under the effect of heat, the blood flow and metabolism in the tissues improves.

Digital foot examination (Duration 45 min)
The study is indicated to explain the causes of foot problems and gait disturbances. Walking on a special sidewalk allows a more accurate assessment of changes in the arches and the need to wear sole supports from a visual observation. The physiotherapist will assess the condition of your feet, recommend appropriate exercises and provide guidance on the choice of footwear and aids.

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