Pain management office

Pain management office (part of AIO) – Pain is a defence reaction, which often warns people against injuries, and sensing it is a matter of life or death as it makes a person seek help from a doctor. The system of Pain Management Clinics has been established with the objective to unite medical persons’ efforts to relieve chronic pain.


Pain management office's field of activity is to advise patients with chronic and severe pain, identify and treat the cause of pain. The doctors in the Pain Management Clinics are aware of what is happening in the world regarding pain and they are trying to offer as contemporary and effective solutions as possible to the Estonian patients.


Among other matters, pain management office instructs patients on how to adapt to pain. Some types of pain stop people from working, some force adjusting the regime, mostly people need to learn how to relax.


You can come to the pain management office with a referral from a family physician or a specialised doctor.

Consultations take place in room C 115 on Tuesdays


Consultations in the pain management office are conducted by dr Kaire Pakkonen, dr Raido Paasma and dr Pille Kilgi

Please register to the appointment through registration desk (+372) 4473 300

Created / updated at 16.06.2021