Social services

Social service is a benefit in kind for a person or family. This means that it is not possible to give financial assistance to the person or family, but it is possible to support them in some other way. We have gathered information regarding social services here and explained the definitions and principle areas of activity. Further information is provided by the social workers employed by Pärnu Hospital.


Types of social services (pursuant to Social Welfare Act):

  • counselling;
  • providing prosthetics, orthopaedic and other appliances;
  • domestic services;
  • housing services; care in the family;
  • care and rehabilitation in a social welfare institution.

Other social services necessary for coping are also provided, the Social Welfare Act also stipulates a range of services for persons with special needs.


Persons with special social needs are:

  • children;
  • disabled people;
  • the elderly;
  • persons released from a custodial institution;
  • other persons in need of social assistance.


Offering a social service. A person receiving and a person providing the service are two equal parties, and the prerequisite for providing a service is the client's or the client's legal representative’s request, or at least consent to receiving the social service.


Paying for the social service. “Benefit in kind” does not mean that the social service is definitely provided for free but it can be so, if necessary and possible. Expenses related to providing the services may be paid by the rural municipality or city government of the client’s residence, by some non-profit association, sponsor, or by someone else.


Organising and providing a social service. Organising social services is the task of a local government. This means that social services can also be provided by a person, institution, or a structural unit other than the rural municipality or city government. In many of these cases, a contract regarding providing the social service is entered into between the rural municipality or city government, provider of the social service, and the client. Social services may be provided by non-profit associations, foundations, churches and congregations, also by companies, individual enterprisers, etc. As to the client’s interests, it is important that social services are provided according to requirements.


Created / updated at 16.06.2021