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Psychiatric Clinic

Psychiatry Clinic of Pärnu Hospital (Ristiku str 1) provides psychiatric service all over Estonia, but patients have come to us mostly from Pärnumaa, Läänemaa, and Saaremaa.

  • ambulatory department; 

  • in-patient department.

The Psychiatry Clinic treats adults for acute and sub-acute mental and behavioural disorders, withdrawal conditions caused by alcohol and other psychoactive substances, and psychotic disorders. During the 12 years of activity, the clinic has developed a harmonious and friendly collective of 88 members that includes:

  • psychiatrists,

  • psychologists,

  • psychiatric nurses,

  • caregivers,

  • social workers,

  • recreational therapists,

  • specialists from other fields that create a multidisciplinary team.

For more information regarding Psychiatric Clinic, please call (+372) 4473 296 

Ambulatory department’s field of activity is the out-patient treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders and ambulatory expertise activity. All psychiatrists working in the clinics conduct ambulatory consultations, psychiatrist Kaja Rand has the competency of a children's psychiatrist.

Rehabilitation is developing people's skills and abilities, and creating a living environment that supports their independent coping. Rehabilitation plan is drafted for a patient, which evaluates his/her operational capacity, need for assistance, and stipulates activities for rehabilitation. The plan is drafted in collaboration with the patient by the rehabilitation team that includes:

  • social worker,

  • specialised doctor,

  • nurse,

  • psychologist,

  • speech therapist-specialised pedagogue,

  • physiotherapist,

  • recreational therapist,

  • persons close to the patient

In-patient unit consists of 4 departments where 46 beds are available for psychiatric patients. In-patient unit consists of an acute department with 11 beds, a general department with 12 beds, a depression department with 12 beds and an unstable remission department with 11 beds.

For more information regarding Psychiatric Clinic´s units please call (+372) 4473 296

Created / updated at 16.06.2021