Emergency patients

If you require emergency medical help, please call 112 or go to the accident and emergency department. Emergency department (ED) provides emergency medical help of internal, trauma, surgery, gynaecology nature for adults and children 24h a day.

When coming to ED, you need to account for the queue and severity of  conditions as people in severe conditions have priority. In addition to permanent residents, the hospital also services people from other counties, tourists, visitors of medical spas and rest homes, and foreigners.

European Health Insurance Card. A person insured in another EU member state has the right to medical help while visiting Estonia, whereas the necessity for health services must be medically reasoned, and the expected time the person insured in another EU member state is going to spend in Estonia and the result of the health service must be taken into account. The scope of providing medical help follows the Council of Europe's Regulation No. 1408/71 and its implementing Regulation No. 574/72 that coordinate the social security schemes of different countries. According to this regulation, Estonia is obligated to treat persons insured in another EU member state, while they receive medical help during their temporary stay in Estonia, equally to those insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Necessary documents for the person insured in the EU for receiving necessary medical help are valid standard format certificates issued by a competent authority in another EU member state:


Patients holding a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or replacement certificate of the card, will receive free of charge first aid medical service. You would only have to pay visit fee 5 EUR

For more information regarding health insurance matters please visit Estonian Health Insurance Fund or European Commission web page.

Created / updated at 16.06.2021