Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation service is a state budget financed welfare service that aims at enhancing a person’s independent coping, increasing his involvement in society and promoting his working or starting to work.


  • The aim of rehabilitation service for working-aged people is to promote their working, starting to work, or maintaining their capacity for work.
  • The aim of rehabilitation service for children is to promote a child’s development and acquiring of education.
  • The aim of rehabilitation service for old-age pensioners is to maintain their best possible independent coping.


The principal activity of the rehabilitation process is to assess the person’s needs and resources, plan activities for attaining the rehabilitation service's objective, incl. rehabilitation programmes, carry out activities and instruct people in carrying out activities, and assess reaching the objective by carrying out activities.


A person with a loss or abnormality of psychic, anatomic or physiologic structure or function due to which his ability to work, learn or cope independently is limited and his ability to work, learn or cope independently can be enhanced by rehabilitation services is entitled to a rehabilitation service provided by the hospital.


Internal Clinic’s rehabilitation department provides state rehabilitation service to disabled people of working-age and disabled old-age pensioners, persons applying for disability, and disabled children.


Psychiatry Clinic’s rehabilitation unit provides state rehabilitation service to people of working age and old-age pensioners with special mental needs who have at least 40% incapacity of work.


What to do to receive rehabilitation service? In order to receive rehabilitation service, you need to fill in an application for rehabilitation service. The application form is available on the webpages of Social Insurance Board and Ministry of Social Affairs and in all Pension Boards.

To be attached to the application:

  • a copy of the personal identification document;
  • people with special mental needs have to submit a certificate from the family physician or specialised doctor (extract from the health file or health card) regarding the occurrence of somatic illnesses of a mental disorder;
  • if the application is submitted by the person’s legal representative, a copy of the document certifying his right of representation must also be included.

Created / updated at 13.01.2022