Internal Disease Clinic

The Internal Disease Clinic of Pärnu Hospital is the largest clinic, its 5 departments provide professional and caring doctors and nursing assistance for patients. Internal Disease Clinic assists its patients with quick and accurate diagnosis of health problems and provides evidence-based treatment services.


The Internal Disease Clinic consists of the following departments:

  • internal disease department I
  • internal disease department II
  • out-patients’ department
  • rehabilitation department
  • nursing care department.


The clinic has 11 doctors specialities and 6 inpatient specialities. The Internal Disease Clinic employs a total of 288 people: 46 doctors, 91 nurses, 75 caregivers, 35 employees related to health services (physiotherapists, speech therapists, recreational therapist, social workers, psychologist), and 41 support service providers (secretaries, assistants, cleaners).

Geriatric Unit – Since 2004, a team of geriatric assessment has been operating successfully. The goal of geriatric assessment is to maintain the maximum functional status of a patient/client and his ability to cope independently. A comprehensive geriatric assessment has proven to be an effective and cost-saving opportunity for solving problems of people with multiple problems and coping deficiency (mostly of the elderly).

We work in contemporary conditions and use modern medical technology. Friendly and attentive attitude towards patients, family members and colleagues is the number one priority in our daily activities.

The Internal Disease Clinic is a popular learning base for future healthcare employees (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, caregivers). For many years patients have been receiving heart simulators from Pärnu Hospital and the Internal Disease Clinic has been conducting further monitoring of patients. Intensive care wards in internal disease departments I and II use contemporary patient monitoring and telemetry system.

Created / updated at 16.06.2021