In-patient fees

The in-patient fee for one night per case in Pärnu Hospital is 2.50 EUR The purpose of the procedure of charging in-patient fees is to organise charging the in-patient fees on common bases in compliance with the valid legislation. This procedure is implemented pursuant to the Health Insurance Act § 71 and 72 and according to the conditions of taking in-patient fees imposed by the Council of Pärnu Hospital.


Charing in-patient fee: All persons who have received in-patient health services or treatment in Pärnu Hospital are charged in-patient fee for every calendar day spent in the hospital, but not more than for 10 calendar days per case. One case of an in-patient fee is the patient’s single continuous in-patient treatment.


In-patient fee is not charged for:

  • Time spent in intensive care ward;
  • in-patient medical help in case of pregnancy and delivery;
  • in-patient medical help to children below the age of 18;
  • in-patient psychiatric help irrespective of intention;
  • in-patient psychiatric help in case of disabled persons whose disability or loss of capacity for work is at least 60%;
  • in-patient treatment of infectious diseases dangerous to society (people suffering from active tuberculosis);
  • providing fee-charging in-patient health services;
  • providing in-patient health services that include the co-payment of a patient, including patient care and rehabilitation.


How to pay? In-patient fees are paid in the in-patient departments of clinics and medical services at Ristiku str. 1.

Patients leaving the hospital must pay the in-patient fee on the day of leaving the hospital. The patient receives an invoice regarding the in-patient fee and pays the fee in cash or by bank card to the employees of the in-patient departments.

Created / updated at 16.06.2021